Changing of the Guard

Hello everyone!

It's August and it is "Hot and Humid" here in Acapulco. July was a busy month for the Salvation Army Children's Home here in Acapulco. First we were blessed to be the benefactor of the Fundacion Soriana's Round-Up Redondeo program at all 6 Soriana stores here in Acapulco. Customers had the chance to round-up their checkout to donate to the children.  In our next monthly update we will share with you how much we received and place photos of the work completed at the home with the money raised through the program.

We have new Regional Territory Directors that come to Mexico from Bolivia and the Advisory Board has met with them on a couple of occasions and we look forward to working with them. Please welcome Major Elisio Flores Morales. He and his wife are based in Mexico City .

July also saw Captain Jorge Morales and his wife leave the home after 3 years of dedicated service. During their tenure here they dealt with Hurricane Manuel, an Earthquake and water/sewer/electrical and gas problems at the home.  They served the home and the children well and we wish them the best as they go to the Salvation Army Church in Merida, MX.

We have new Captains that come to us from the Salvation Army Children's Home in Saltillo, MX.  Captain Efrain Montalvo and his wife Mercedes Montalvo are excited to be here and looking forward to the future here at the home.  We also have 2 Lieutenants just out of the seminary in Mexico City and our home is their first assignment. Please welcome Lieutenant Gerardo Lugo and his wife Lieutenant Maritza Lugo.


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