Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home & Soriana Fundacion in July!

Fundacion Soriana
The Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home has been chosen by the Soriana Fundacion to be the beneficiary of their Round Up program during the month of July. All 6 Soriana stores wil be asking their customers to round up for the Salvation Army.

The Captain and The Advisory Board have decided to use these funds to remove the older concrete windows in the Boys & Girls Dorms with sliding/locking windows, screens and metal outside frames for security.  The current Dorms do not have adequate ventilation and this will greatly improve the comfort of the Children while sleeping.

We will keep you posted on all the exciting news.  Any of you here in Acapulco during the month of July be sure to shop at Soriana and tell your friends to Round Up for The Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home.

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