Salvation Army Acapulco Promotes International Day Of Prayer For Human Trafficking Victims

Go and do something!

Trafficking and human trafficking in a modern form of slavery. Trustworthy reports reveal that millions of people worldwide are subject to it.

The techniques used by traffickers and the ways in which traffic manifests are varied, but there is something common in all of them: the exploitation of people by other people. Its victims include babies, children, teenagers, women and men.

The Salvation Army opposes the corrupt abuse of power against human beings, which is inherent in trafficking for the purpose of personal economic gain.

Therefore, we have the responsibility, both individually and collectively, to work for the liberation of those who have been enslaved in this way and to establish the legal and social mechanisms with which human trafficking can be stopped.

**** text extracted from the page of the International Salvation Army, Within the international declaration on trafficking in persons *

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